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LDVinci Art Studio
LDVinci Art Studio
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    Maria Isabel Delgado

     Maria Isabel is a South American Artist from Colombia. You might be  surprised that besides Maria Isabel's Artistic Talent, she is also a  graduated lawyer from the "Univesidad Autonoma of Bucaramanga"  ( in Colombia - South America, class of 1994. After  graduation, Maria Isabel worked for the Colombian government at the  "Fiscalia General de la Nacion" ( - equivalent to  the "Attorney General's Office" in the USA. Nevertheless, her passion  for Art started at a very young age. Maria Isabel started to paint since  she was three years old. Her parents were very encouraging, and decided  to cultivate that aptitude by bringing her to Painting lessons with  great local artists. One of her first tutors was a nun named Ma.  Graciela from the "Colegio de la Presentacion" in Bucaramanga. Later,  she attended a great number of Art Schools, among them she studied at  the "Academia de Bellas Artes de Santander" (Academy of Fine Arts of  Santander). She was also disciple of a well-known artist named  "Christian Toledo Rueda". Maria Isabel developed skills on various  painting techniques like Acrylics, Oils, Charcoal, Ink and Pastel, which  shaped her own painting style. In the USA, she studied Art History at  Brigham Young University (Utah). Maria Isabel's love for Arts never was  an obstacle to keep up with her regular studies. Quite the contrary is  that discipline that has given her strength on pursuing her goals. Art  has strengthened her a sense of balance, sensitivity and persistence. 

    Jaime E. Rodriguez

    Jaime is an Architect graduated from the Universidad Piloto de Colombia ( in Bogota, COLOMBIA. His Architectural emphasis was in Design and Urban Development (

    From his experience in the Architectural field and Design, Jaime has a great deal of knowledge in sketching and design drafting.

    Jaime also is a MBA graduated from Brigham Young University - Marriot School (