Classes will Resume on August 1st 2018.

LDVinci Art Studio
LDVinci Art Studio
  • Painting & Sketching


    LDVinci will cultivate the artistic talent in your child with our  original, creative painting lessons. They will learn not only various  painting techniques, but also about influential artists such as Leonardo  da Vinci, Michelangelo, Monet, Picasso and more.

    Each child will build their own wall of accomplishments. When a  child's artwork is displayed, it gives them a sense of achievement that  is irreplaceable.  LDVinci Art Studio fosters confidence and creativity  within every child to promote artistic expression and sense of  accomplishment.

    LDVinci Art Studio offers art and painting lessons to help children  to develop their creativity and imagination while boosting their self  esteem. With a playful and adventurous class, children will learn to  plan and make decisions about color and form. The class will also  provide children with an opportunity to work on their own. They already  have the most important tool: their imagination.

    LDVinci art and painting classes are oriented to help children to  explore their own creativity and teach them that with patience,  dedication and discipline, they will discover their unique art  abilities.

    Young artists will meet once a week for one month. Each session  consists of FOUR classes per month. Classes limited to eight to twelve  young artists per session. No previous art experience necessary. Get  your child started on the path to creativity with painting classes at  LDVinci.